Import Customs Clearance in Russia - Stante Russia

Import customs clearance in Russia is very complicated and expensive procedure, which is much more complicated than in Europe. Customs clearance in Russia depends on the characteristics of the goods, their value as well as the shipping documents. Russia has been and remains the most challenging area for the successful implementation of the logistics procedures for many reasons. During importing goods to Russia, the requirements for shipment and customs documents are not unified. HS codes differ from the codes in Europe, therefore customs brokers should pay special attention to their selection.

Once the goods cross the border, customs officers should check the documents for compliance. In case of discrepancies in registration of shipping documents, there may be significant delays at the border, which leads to additional expenses. For this reason, all details of shipment should be agreed with experts in logistics and customs clearance just before being sent to Russia.

In case if a company is willing to start a process of customs clearance, the first step is the consignee should be registered at the customs post. In order to obtain registration, the consignee has to collect a package of documents according to the activities of its company.

The basic document to be submitted at the customs office is GTD or the customs declaration of the goods. The standard set of the documents, which is required for customs clearance of goods in Russia, includes the customs value declaration, documents establishing the ownership of the goods, power of attorney for the declarant, various certificates and declarations of conformity, financial documents, passport of deal, invoice, a receipt for payment of customs duties, etc. Additional documents can be required depending on the type of the cargo as well as country of origin, etc.

Our experienced staff will consult you and prepare all necessary set of documents, arrange registration of your company in customs authorities, support in getting all necessary certificates and permits, make customs declaration as well as provide you with the final set of documents after completion of the declared customs regime.

"Stante Russia" can provide customs clearance services for road and multimodal transport in the following cities:

  • Moscow
  • St. Petersburg
  • Smolensk
  • Bryansk
  • Novorossiysk
  • Vladivostok

Our experienced specialists in Moscow branch are ready to provide the following additional services upon a request from the client:

  • Shipment Arrangement
  • Documentation checking
  • Green Light” service
  • Attending inspection
  • Arranging tracking and tracing report on the movement of the trucks, arrival to the terminal as well as releasing
  • Reliable consultation in documents preparing
  • Any customer service