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Pump equipment supply

Nearly three years, "Stante Russia" cooperates closely with a large network of Italian plants on production of pumping equipment for light industry as well as daily living needs. The company has already been carried out more than hundred shipments, and at present, provides with the trucks for transportation of goods from Italy to the Russian Federation on the regular basis. The customers are satisfied with the quality of service and continue to work with “Stante Russia” in 2016.

Air Conditioning and other equipment supply

Since 2015, "Stante Russia" has been working with the largest holding for the production of ventilation and air conditioning equipment of any targets. Starting from October 2015, our company carried out transportation of goods from Europe to Russia together with "Stante Group” Italy. According to this project, it has been delivered and cleared two and four trucks simultaneously.

After loading at the plant in Italy, the truck is sent to “Stante” warehouse, where the goods is additionally packing and fixing. Then the truck is under export customs clearance. After that, it is dispatched to Russia. In Russia, the goods is cleared by our brokers and delivery to the final place of destination.

Multimodal. Sea Freight from China to Russia

Since 2014 "Stante Russia" steadily mastering the shipping market. In January 2016, it was signed a contract with major Italian company on arranging multimodal transportation of metal structures and lifts for the automotive industry from China to Russia (Novorossiyisk port) by 40 Feet containers.

After arrival of the goods to the port of destination, the goods were cleared and delivered to the place of unloading. Transportation has been carried out from Shanghai port to Novorossiysk port with customs clearance of cargo in Russian Federation. After unloading at the port, the containers were reloaded into the container trucks and sent to the customs terminal for clearance. After clearance, the trucks delivered the cargo to the final place. The company arrange deliveries of several containers on monthly basis.

Goods transportation from Europe

Starting from 2010, “Stante Russia” arranged shipment of various goods, such as household appliances, ventilation equipment, pumps, elevators, barriers, gate automatics, electronic cigarettes, and frozen foods. During 2015 about three hundred trucks delivered goods from Europe to Russia.