Warehousing and Logistics - Stante Russia


Modern office and warehouse premises of the STANTE Group located throughout Italy in areas with well-developed road links are fitted with modern storage equipment that has high-tech monitoring systems. Trained staff that handles the cargo as if it belongs to ourselves, ensures its integrity during handling operations.

  • Placing the goods in the warehouse and storage
  • Packing, labelling, sorting
  • Palletizing
  • Inventory control and making the requests schedule
  • Analysis of the goods exchange and statistics data
  • Quality control
  • Ordering
  • Preparation of the customs documents
  • Communication management and Extranet
  • Development of modular IVS customer-specific

Warehouses of our partner A class in Moscow, St. Petersburg are located in the most accessible areas, and are fitted with special loading equipment, racking equipment, ventilation systems, indoor and outdoor video surveillance. Own software, automated warehouse management system, allow us to make business processes quickly, efficiently and cheap, and that ensures the implementation of storage services at a high level and at an affordable price.

Our experts in logistics provide highly professional management of the warehouses in all centres of contract logistics. We offer combined services of warehousing, transportation, and a variety of additional services.